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Animated Fixed Nav Bar

Filed in: JQuery

In this Javascript Tutorial, we will be using the jQuery library to create an Animated Fixed Nav Bar that has being commonly used in today’s web sites. The idea is […]

Getting Started with JQuery Mobile

Introduction Utilizing frameworks like JQuery Mobile will help you create a mobile version of your site or application rapidly. JQuery Mobile includes a theming system for easily scalable UI/UX cohesion. […]

How to Create a jQuery Toggle Button

Filed in: JQuery

Introduction jQuery has brought a lot of functionality to the web community and has made it easier to perform simple functions for most front-end developers. For an open-source library, the […]

How to add a magnifying zoom tool with Anything Zoomer

test A while back we wrote about how to use JQZoom to add a magnifying tool for images on your website. Some have asked how to make a zooming tool […]


How to use the JQuery JQZoom

For those of you looking for a way to display a gallery of photos but still give the option to show more in depth images, I have just the thing […]


How to use the jQuery LavaLamp Plugin

For those of you that may not know how to or find a reason to use jQuery to put a new spin on their work, here is a perfect example, […]


An Introduction to JQuery

Filed in: JQuery, Syntax

A Brief Introduction JavaScript can be one heck of a beast. When you’re writing things like animations using pure, plain old, “vanilla” JavaScript things can get hairy really fast. With […]


Manipulating CSS with JQuery

Filed in: CSS, JQuery

A Brief Introduction Changing up the CSS of a site or application on the fly is no easy task, and will definitely require a hefty amount of JavaScript to get […]


An Introduction to jQuery Animations

Filed in: JQuery, Syntax

A Brief Introduction When it comes to animating objects in a webpage or application, there is becoming an ever increasing number of options. We can now use Flash, Silverlight, or […]


An introduction to the jQuery UI Slider

A Brief Introduction The jQuery UI is a fantastic set of controls that we can add to our applications to make them more dynamic. It can provide everything from a […]

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