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Image Control Manipulation in JavaScript

Filed in: JavaScript, Syntax

Welcome to the home of the one and only JavaScript Guru. I will from here on our take you under my wing in the art of JavaScript. For the lesson […]


How to use the jQuery LavaLamp Plugin

For those of you that may not know how to or find a reason to use jQuery to put a new spin on their work, here is a perfect example, […]


How to use an External JavaScript Page

Filed in: Files, JavaScript

I hate clutter. Whether it’s in your own personal space, office or even in your code, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. By now, we have all probably come across […]


CoffeeScript, the Other JavaScript

Filed in: Libraries, Syntax

If you have been programming JavaScript for a while you may or may have not found yourself coming across funny little languages with “script” as the suffix. Well, let me […]


Using the JavaScript IndexOf Method

Filed in: JavaScript, Syntax

I hate skimming large documents looking for certain keywords or lines of text. Now imagine your boss gives you an assignment to you must find a particular line or word […]


An Introduction to JSON

Filed in: JavaScript, JSON

Welcome to the Matrix, you chose the blue pill, regretting it yet? Jumping right into things, I hope we have all brushed up on our Javascript and XML. If not, […]

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